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Lori Butler: You Can Overcome All Obstacles

Life is full of challenges that we must all face the best way we can. From all the good and bad experiences we go through, we learn valuable lessons. I’ve had my fair share of setbacks. None of these, however, succeeded in dampening my spirit.

I have a disabled daughter. Taking care of her made me realize a lot about the healthcare system and the utter lack of resources America devotes to people with disabilities (PWDs). More aware of this now, I have become doubly passionate about helping PWDs and elderly members of the community.

In my own little way, I provide resources to the parents of the disabled and to the children caring for their aging and disabled parents. I work with different agencies as a volunteer. I am conceptualizing my own nonprofit organization to help disabled children and the elderly. I also help small businesses with logistics and organization to help the overall profitability.

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Educator and Business Consultant 

I wear many hats. I  love to teach, write books, speaking on specialized topics, and offering professional business advice. Our company, 117 Business Solutions, provides logistics services to small companies.

Author and Motivational Speaker

Many obstacles inspired me to write books and to embrace speaking engagements. I am convinced that by sharing my insights with parents and others who faced challenges in life. I can encourage more people to remain steadfast.

 Anyone reading or hearing my stories can relate with my personal experiences. I believe that by recognizing such triumphs of the will, people with special needs, elderly folks, and even caregivers can be truly motivated. These are the same experiences that taught me to draw strength from God.

Contact Information 

Dr. Lori Butler

Phone: 972-515-9894


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