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It’s All About Will Power

About Lori Butler 

A Dallas, Texas native, I am passionate about helping company owners. Several small business firms hire me for my excellent organizational skills. In the past 25 years, I have served in various capacities as a manager, insurance professional, and educator.

I worked my way through college and obtained a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, Doctorate in Leadership, and a pending Master’s degree in Health Administration from accredited universities. Recently, I embarked on Doctoral studies in Education. I am also a certified Special Education teacher.

I have 2 beautiful children, a teenaged daughter and a son. As a member of Delta Sigma Theta Incorporated, I understand and enjoy being involved with public service involving the community. I am very compassionate regarding children with special needs

Though I have faced tough circumstances, I always manage to bloom wherever I am planted. “Turn test into testimonies and develop messages from what some may consider a mess” happens to be my favorite quote. ~ Author Unknown

Anthology Book Acknowledgements

The Lucky One Chapter is dedicated to my parents, children, and the special parents of children with various exceptionalities. This includes my children’s father, Michael Butler. We are truly blessed to be chosen to be the parents of these extraordinary children.

People experiencing heartbreak or betrayal, trust the process. The desires of your heart are coming. I also wish to thank Daniel Henderson Junior. May God Bless everyone who reads this book.

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